UV Light Sterilization LED Portable UV Sterilizer

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Easy to carry, portable and super-useful! Travel with this handy UV sterilizer!
The Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand is laboratory-proven to eliminate up to 99% of germs in a matter of seconds! It kills the germs and allergens that are found on hard surfaces at home, in the office, on public transportation, and in other public places.
  • Includes USB Cord
  •  USB Rechargeable Ozone Germicidal Mini Mobile Phone 
  • Battery:
    600 mAh / Polymer lithium battery
Germicidal lamp:
  • UV-C 253.7nm ozone-free
Scattered Illumination:
  • ≥90% * 300 (0.05mμw / cm2)
  • 45 times / 2 minutes each
USB charging:
  • 5V 1A