RACISM: AMMA JO's Personal Statement

The recent events in the world have really moved me.

Here at AMMA JO, we believe in a bright and beautiful world.  I cannot be silent on this issue, not only as a black woman, but as a community leader and entrepreneur.  I understand as a business woman that I live in a world that needs me.  I cannot sell products and services in my world and stand by and do nothing while the world churns.  Here are my personal statements as the leader of my retail company:

"Racism is and will always be wrong.  Imagine taking opportunity, freedom and livelihood from an individual simply because of the color of their skin.  Racism is a form of hate.  It is degrading and inhumane.  Racism is not a black and white thing.  It's an EVERYBODY thing.  We need all hands on deck.  From clergy to government to media to healthcare and beyond, we need to take a stand.  Having worked closely with corporate and community leaders in previous positions I've held, I have heard the cries, the stories from fellow black sisters and brothers experiencing racism.  I have experienced it myself.  It is heartbreaking.  I am glad we are here in this place and at the brink of change.  Personally, I am participating in the conversation here in my local community.  I have had candid conversations with my colleagues.  I've also had conversations with my children regarding current events, encouraging them to be a part o change.  I am using my personal and professional platforms to be clear about where I stand.  I want to thank each and every corporate leader who has taken a stand against racism and I will never be silent on this issue.  I believe though we may go through great pain together, we will realize a better and brighter world.  Cheers to our future together." - AMMA JO

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